The Kelpies

I was in Falkirk a couple of weeks ago for a day, the weather was nice in the evening with clear blue skies and sunny giving strong contrasts. I’ve never seen the Kelpies so went to the park next to the motorway . The parking is really close, luckily for me so I was able to get right up to them. I had my usual camera, and two lenses a 28mm and 40mm FF equivalent. I thought I’d try some street style shooting techniques. First of all I went round them, took some test shots, and decided on the best angle for a close up shot with the 28mm. Since they were built, there has been numerous pictures of the Kelpies online. One of the striking things for me is the number of middle distance shots. When taking pictures on the street I try to get close and engage with people, middle distance can be easier but is generally a less interesting shot. So for my first shot I got right up close with my 28mm equivalent lens.


Secondly I have never really seen an establishing shot of the situation next to the motorway with the hills in the background. As my dad is from Falkirk I know the area and thought the hills would give some scale to them. I planned on using the canal to give a leading line/ bit of perspective to the shot. The path and pontoon also helps this shot.


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