Aberdeen in October 2020

The pandemic continues, restrictions change and people try to go about their lives. I’ve been moving more towards documentary photography over the last year or so. As it has so many things, the current situation has accelerated this,

Social distancing, face masks and hand gel have become the norm. People are still out in ones and twos but large crowds are a thing of the past. The city has evolved to accommodate cycling and greater distances between pedestrians. Football stadiums remain empty, under flood light the eerie silence is punctuated with players shouts.

People use the nearby beach for a diverse range of activities. Walking dogs, running, surfing (yes in the North Sea). Only five minutes from the third biggest city in the country, this resource has been a lifeline for many.

The empty city centre streets, have more traffic control and fewer spaces for cars. The benches that have been added in the old bus lanes have been a varying success, but now we come into Autumn they’re bring used less and less. The slow traffic of Union street has been replaced by the constant buzz of the fixed wheel bikes and electric scooters of the food delivery staff. People use the width of the pavement to help socially distance.

As always Questions and comments welcome, if you click Here you can see the slideshow of all the images on my YouTube Channel.

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