Football and Community

Pittodrie stadium, the home of Aberdeen Football Club, the team I’ve supported since childhood. The stadium is an important symbol and focal point for the fans and community in these uncertain times. After the Scottish season stopped in March, due to Covid-19 the stadium fell silent. I live in the City and would occasionally drive past. I always have my camera in the car with me, so made an image when the light was interesting or I saw a composition.

Normally the team and pitch would be the focus of attention. With football being played behind closed doors for the foreseeable future I’ve taken more notice of the actual stadium, and it’s immediate surroundings. Not the most modern or prettiest by any standard, but filled with memories of the highs and lows associated with sport.

For a change I took my 18-55mm zoom lens with me along with a wide prime. I barely use this lens, but It was nice to have short telephoto option for a change. One thing I’ve never noticed, even though I’ve been going to this stadium for 40 years, was the shadows cast by the adjacent trees on the old brick Main stand. Photography always throws up some surprises no matter how many times you think you’ve seen something.

As always questions and comments are welcome! There’s a video version of these images on my YouTube channel.

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