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My Picks of 2017 (Part one)

Here are the first five images from my picks of the year. Comments are welcome in the box below.                  

Pick of the Year

How many times a week do you go out with your camera? How many times is that a year? For the purposes of this blog I’ll talk film, though I shoot digital. When you start to research the great photographers you start to realise just how many films they shot

Why You should Work on Projects

You need focus in your photographic work, sorry pun intended. It’s incredibly easy to get sucked into a continual cycle of researching and buying cameras and lenses. Sorry but this doesn’t make you a photographer. We’re all guilty of it at some time or another but the point of photography


Why you should Print and Frame your Photos

In a previous post I spoke about printing your work. There are several benefits to this, you get a sense of achievement when you see a properly printed, mounted and framed art work on the wall. It lets you see your images on paper rather than on a screen. This

How to Improve Your Street Photography

Do you always carry your camera with you, if you don’t then you will almost certainly have a phone with you. How often have you been driving or walking around and noticed a conjunction of light and subject that would make a great picture. In answer to the above questions


How to Visualise an Image

If you look at my portfolio the images fall into two general categories, the subject fills the frame or is more isolated with some “breathing space” around it. Obviously these aren’t the only two options for composing an image but in general it’s how I see things. The image above


How to Get Closer in Street Photography

Recently I was at the Merchant Festival in Glasgow for a couple of days with my family. I’ve attended the event for the last two years and enjoyed the mix of music and dance, along with relaxed atmosphere. As always I had my camera with me, not with the intention

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