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Aberdeen: The Granite City

There are many Aberdeens around the world but there is only one Granite City. This tough rock was formed by the cooling of Magma 400 million years ago. There are number of monuments and stone circles in Aberdeenshire dating from prehistory. But it was in the 18th Century that this


Fujifilm Prime Lens Trio (Update)

Last Year I wrote a post about the Prime lens trios offered by Fujifilm and the alternatives that I use. Since then I have changed my trio slightly (well 2/3s of it). First of all here’s the original table I used. Small Fast My Trio 23mm F2 WR (35mm) 23mm

Aberdeen Beach

I have lived in Aberdeen for most of my life, and currently live in the City Centre. Less than one mile from the main thoroughfare is the Harbour and Beach. Some of my happiest memories are from the Beach. Time spent with my Grandparents, Parents and now my wife and

Journal (Jan 2018 II)

My second January Journal post, As always comments and questions welcome!          


Variations on a Theme: Cycling

In every city on our planet you will see cyclists going about their daily business, using bikes for recreation or transport. I used to be a keen cyclist, but due to chronic illness I can no longer get out on my bike. I was initially depressed about this, but have

Finding Silence

  In the Modern 24/7 connected World, Silence is a rare commodity to find, especially living in a city. Art is the key for me, over the last few years “urban art’ has been spreading through cities around the planet. Take time to look at your surroundings and you’ll start

Journal (Jan 2018)

I’ve been asked several times recently about the number of images I make weekly. This varies on a day to day basis depending on my health condition. I always have my camera with me so I average around 3 or days a week. Starting in January 2018 I’m going to

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