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The Way Forward

This post is effectively part three of ‘No Social Media’. I detailed previously why I’d taken a break from social media and the results of that. In this one I’ll speak about the way forward as I see it. So what is the perceived function of social media? It’s to

Journal (April 2018)

First Journal post for April, As always comments and questions welcome.

Contemplating Manet

When you are going through a typical day how many times do you think I’d rather be somewhere else? When you think that, where is it you’d rather be? When you’ve used a camera for years, you really start to notice your surroundings, more specifically you notice small changes in

Eye Contact in Street Photography

  What is Street Photography, the generally accepted definition is candid, close up and personal images of people interacting, using a widish lens (28mm or 35mm). However interaction between the photographer and subject is discouraged. Street Portraits, where you ask permission to make an image of a person is seen


Journal (Mar 2018)

First Journal post for March, As always comments and questions welcome.


Journal (Feb 2018 II)

Second Journal post for February, Comments and questions welcome.


Portfolio: People

How many images have you made of yourself? If you want to make pictures of people in the studio, on the street candid or staged then a good place to start is with yourself. Strangely if you spend some time doing this you’ll find that you are more at ease

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