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Buy Books Not Gear

Recently I’ve had some questions about the camera and lenses I use. Regardless of the brand I recommend using a small camera and one or two lenses. Having your camera with you at all times will get you more “keepers” and the use of the camera will become second nature.

60mm F2.4

Fujifilm Prime Lens Trio

I’ve seen a few posts recently regarding Fujifilm lens trinities. The new 50mm F2 Weather Resist (WR) has completed the small WR trio. Fujifilm also make the “fast” Trinity of F1.4 or faster, this sacrifices WR and you gain size and weight. The table shows these lens sets, with the


Why Fujifilm?

I tend not to talk about photographic equipment in my blog posts. I’ve had a couple of enquiries about my last post, and which camera and lenses I use. Initially I used a Micro four thirds camera for 18 months, the Panasonic GF1 with a 15-45mm zoom and 14mm pancake


Print Your Work

So you’ve taken 11,382 pictures on your new camera, how many have you printed off? Too many people worry about the specs of their camera, or sharpness of their new lens before thinking of the likely output medium of their work. If you post on a blog or Twitter how

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