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No Social Media II

  In the previous post I spoke about the reasons behind my break from social media. In this post I’ll discuss what the results were and my conclusions. After only a day or two I found things were a bit clearer in my head. I did find I was a

Making Photos in Fog

Most people like to take photographs in nice weather. If you want to make more striking images, adverse weather gives you more opportunities. I like making pictures in the Autumn and Winter when the days are shorter, and the Sun is low. In Scotland the weather changes frequently, photography is


Fujifilm Prime Lens Trio (Update)

Last Year I wrote a post about the Prime lens trios offered by Fujifilm and the alternatives that I use. Since then I have changed my trio slightly (well 2/3s of it). First of all here’s the original table I used. Small Fast My Trio 23mm F2 WR (35mm) 23mm

Why You should Work on Projects

You need focus in your photographic work, sorry pun intended. It’s incredibly easy to get sucked into a continual cycle of researching and buying cameras and lenses. Sorry but this doesn’t make you a photographer. We’re all guilty of it at some time or another but the point of photography


Why you should Print and Frame your Photos

In a previous post I spoke about printing your work. There are several benefits to this, you get a sense of achievement when you see a properly printed, mounted and framed art work on the wall. It lets you see your images on paper rather than on a screen. This

1s and 0s

Why do you take photographs, do you always carry your camera with you or do you go out to specifically take pictures of certain things? If you use a digital camera every time you press the shutter release then a series of 1s and 0s are transferred to the SD

Plants and Flowers

What do plants and street photography have in common? On the face of it not a lot, but both depend on light, one paints with light, the other need its to grow. In the evening, when the light is golden, plants like most things take on a different hue. Street

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