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Aberdeen Jazz Festival

  Aberdeen Jazz Festival takes place in March every year, this event has grown with each successive year and this year’s was the biggest yet. On the first Sunday of the Festival, Jazz on the Green takes place. The green is the old entrance to the city below the old

Eye Contact in Street Photography

  What is Street Photography, the generally accepted definition is candid, close up and personal images of people interacting, using a widish lens (28mm or 35mm). However interaction between the photographer and subject is discouraged. Street Portraits, where you ask permission to make an image of a person is seen


Journal (Mar 2018)

First Journal post for March, As always comments and questions welcome.


The Time Machine in Your Hand

What’s the difference between a camera and the human eye (no it’s not a joke). The Aperture and pupil are roughly equivalent as is the Retina and sensor. The crucial difference is that the eye constantly adjusts the pupil to allow different levels of light in. When you choose an


Shooting Abstract Images.

The Low Winter Sun at this time of year allows some beautiful low relief shots. I decided to shoot and grade these in colour, not something I do often but the saturation seemed to call for that. I’ve cropped to a 16:9 aspect ratio to give them a cinematic feel


Capturing A Face in the Crowd

One of my ongoing portfolio projects is People . I spend a lot of time at home due to health issues and when I get out of the house I like to meet and interact with people. I always carry a camera with me, and have made some of my best


Journal (Feb 2018 II)

Second Journal post for February, Comments and questions welcome.

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