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October Journal

Some Street Photography from Aberdeen for this post. A mixture of some high contrast abstract style and some more conventional street work. I’ve added a slide show and sound track for the first time in a few posts, do you like it? As always comments and feedback welcome.


No Social Media

I decided to take a break from Social media for a few weeks, to see how this affected my photography. In July I had a two week holiday and didn’t use Instagram or Twitter and found that I concentrated on composition and had a clearer view of what I wanted

September Journal

Back to the Streets for the Autumn and Winter, I’ve finished with my long exposure experiments for the time being. Thanks for all the positive feedback on those posts. I’m currently working on a book/ zine to complete the Aberdeen street project I started in May 2016. In the mean

Long Exposure Photography Tips III

This is the third and final post on Long Exposure Photography you can find the first two here and here. The V and A Museum Dundee opens soon so I decided to take a look at it along with the Dundee waterfront in general. If you haven’t visited Dundee for


August Journal

Hi, This is my second post for August, mainly back to street work with a couple of urban landscapes. As always questions and comments welcome.

Spanish Sun

As it’s the 1st of August,I thought I’d start the month with an article. I was on a family holiday recently and as always had my camera and 40mm lens with me. we were in Southern Spain for two weeks and it was good opportunity to relax and reflect on


July Journal

I’ve been on Holiday and haven’t posted for a few weeks, here’s the first post for July. I’ve taken a few hundred shots in the last couple of weeks and will be editing and posting them in the coming weeks. These are more street oriented, I will be doing more

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