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BNW Versus Colour II

After the positive responses I received to my previous post on colour, here’s some more!First up some gear talk. I tend to use the Fujinon 35mm F2 for colour work, main reason is I prefer the way it renders colour. No specific scientific reasonI just prefer it to the 23mm

BNW Versus Colour.

After a recent post I was asked why I always shoot in Black and White(BNW). The short answer is I don’t, but in general 90% of my work isBNW. I occasionally shoot in colour and like so many things in photography it all depends on the light. Because of chronic


Sunny Aberdeen

Just a short post this time, I haven’t shot colour for a while now. In my last post I covered a stage of the Tour Series in Aberdeen in colour and enjoyed the change. The weather has been unusually Sunny in Aberdeen recently so I took the opportunity to shoot


Tour Series Round 3: Aberdeen.

  On a Sunny evening in May for a second year we hosted the Tour Series in the streets of Aberdeen. Not quite as balmy as last years hottest day but dry and Sunny which is all you can ask for in the North East of Scotland. The Tour Series


Shooting Abstract Images.

The Low Winter Sun at this time of year allows some beautiful low relief shots. I decided to shoot and grade these in colour, not something I do often but the saturation seemed to call for that. I’ve cropped to a 16:9 aspect ratio to give them a cinematic feel


Fujifilm Prime Lens Trio (Update)

Last Year I wrote a post about the Prime lens trios offered by Fujifilm and the alternatives that I use. Since then I have changed my trio slightly (well 2/3s of it). First of all here’s the original table I used. Small Fast My Trio 23mm F2 WR (35mm) 23mm

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