Merry Christmas / Frohe Weinachten !

For Christmas I thought I’d do a post on the shots I took this year that have been published in a magazine or a website, and how i took them. Both these shots featured on the German website Kwerfeldein . One was taken in Amsterdam the other in Aberdeen. Both were shot at night using a flash.

The first was taken in central Amsterdam in October, It’s an attempt to convey the motion and feeling of being on a bicycle. I took some inspiration from the Italian Futurist movement from the early 20th century.

I preselected the background so I could frame the cyclists face with a white block of window light. The other lights and tram tracks also help to show the motion and direction of travel. I slowed the shutter speed and panned as the subject entered the frame. Finally I used on camera flash to freeze the subject.

The second image was made in Aberdeen, outside a fish processing factory. I’ve driven past it several times and the strong graphic elements have caught my eye, but I’ve never seen an image. I drove past at night in the rain and that was when I had the idea. The inspiration was probably form Japanese street photography. I’ve used a wide angle lens to get relatively close to the wall and a speedlight off camera to highlight the rain.

As always questions and comments are welcome.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Good New Year!

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