Tour Series Aberdeen 2019

Action from the Mens Pro race

For the third year in a row Aberdeen hosted the Tour Series Criterium race. as a former cyclist I’ve attended and enjoyed these races each year. The course was different for the first time this year with long Straights on Union Street, Broad Street and Upper Kirkgate/ Schoolhill and a technical section on the Pave of Back Wynd.

After the Amateur Race

The racing goes on all afternoon and finished in the Evening with the womens and mens Pro races. I managed to catch the end of the impressive amateur race which is of a high standard. If you’re new to cycle racing it’s a good start point.

and they’re off.

When you get within touching distance of these elite athletes the speed and skill of their bike riding is impressive (and a real test of your panning skills). You can really see the difference between the amateurs and full time pros. On the straight sections it’s all about power and speed, but in the tight twists and turns of the more technical sections you really see some exceptional handling. For the Full race results click here

Tight Turns on the Pave

From a photographic perspective it’s completely different from my normal style of shooting. I had two camera bodies with a wide and short tele lens, but the big change was use of a speedlight. When I’m shooting street in the Autumn and Winter I sometimes use a flash and rear curtain synch. Surprisingly you can still use this in a discrete manner. But I was using a Godox TT350 Speedlight in top of my XT2 to really freeze motion and separate my subject from the background.

The good thing about a lap race is you can have a bit of a practice of your panning technique and camera setting s before the big events. What I would recommend is having a look at the circuit online or in person to get an idea of where you can stand to get the best shots.

All images shot with the fujfilm X system and Velvia film sim and a Godox TT350 speedlight. As always questions and comments welcome. Click on the images below to to view the slideshow.

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