Nuart 2019 (Part 2)

This is the second article on Nuart Aberdeen 2019, (the first one is HERE). It contains the candid Street Photography images I shot at the weekend street food event that Opened the Nuart Festival 2019 . I’ll pull together the images from both posts and publish them in my Projects section at a later date.

As far as candid street shooting goes, I have mixed feelings about this sort of event. It’s certainIy easier than ‘normal’ street photography, but is it any less valid? What it does allow is quite concentrated opportunities to get some practice in a city that is normally only moderately busy. I try and get to as many city festival events as my condition allows me to. Over the last few years a number of music and art events have come to Aberdeen. As always, I’ll take my camera and treat the exercise as a documentary one, rather that straight out street shooting. Ironically, I tend to get two or three good candid street shots, there’s a lesson there I’m sure. Rather than go on my own I’ll go with my family or friends. There were people there who had been hired to cover the event and a number of solo shooters who were either Street or journalist photographers.

Due to the size of the crowds and quite narrow confines of this type of gathering you’ll need to use a wide lens. I went with a 35mm, but a 28mm would probably have been better. I tried some shots with a 50mm with varied success. Fortunately, the weather was excellent, with strong sunshine so I was able to get the kind of high contrast Black and White images I like.

All images shot using the Fujifilm X system. Click on the images below to view the slideshow, as always questions and comments welcome.


  1. joshi daniel says:

    Interesting scenes 🙂


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