Jazz on the Green 2019

For the last few years every March I’ve made an effort to get along to the Jazz on the Green afternoon that’s part of the Aberdeen Jazz Festival. Rain, Hail or Shine I’ve always enjoyed the diverse mix of Music and people that I’ve seen and met there. This year was no exception, I always start with the outdoor stage on the Green itself, the weathers was typically ‘Scottish’ but wasn’t too wet so the crowd was good.

Form there I usually go to the Tunnels concert Venue situated in the Vaults underneath Union Street. I’ll concentrate on this venue in this post. From a Documentary perspective I quite enjoy making images at concerts, as a lot of the heavy lifting is done regarding lighting. But it’s easy to get caught up in the music, and stand still and fire off lots of exposures. There is excellent access to this venue and the stage is at one end of the vaulted tunnel. Access is the main issue, but a camera and tilt screen, combined with long arms make a big difference here! The band in the Tunnels shots are Nimbus sextet!

I’ll post part two of this article next week. As always comments and questions are welcome, all images made with the Fujifilm X system, the film simulation used is Astia.


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