Breaking Glass

First up, the title of this post, I don’t mean physically breaking glass, but rather removing the fourth wall in a theatrical sense. During the long evenings of Winter I’ve started taking some shots of people through the windows of Pubs, cafes and cars. Generally I was looking at the interplay of light and shadow but the glass offered a good backdrop or foreground element to the composition. Also if you’re out in the evening with the intention of making street images, then artificial light naturally draws your eye.

Most of these images were taken at or around blue hour, which is probably my favourite time for image making. I have tried this during the day and unless it’s really over cast or dreich (good scots word for you) you’ll get too much of your own image reflected back. Now, as with other forms of Street Photography, interaction and boldness tends to get the best results. Don’t use the glass to hide behind. Take your time and make a few exposures until you’re happy with the composition.

I enjoy conversing with people and making the occasional street portrait, but I think the best street images are candid, and have an air of ambiguity about them. They’re the ones with a story to them, and draw the viewer into the narrative.

As with all street photography take a lot of shots, experiment and stick to one camera and lens until it you don’t have to think about how to use it. As always questions and comments are welcome.

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