Fine Art


Make Hay while the Sun Shines, conversely when the weather is dull, work on your website. Notice I said dull and not awful, if the weather is bad you can get some great shots if you persevere.

I’ve had some feedback about the old Fine Art page from my portfolio. A few people recommended that I should resurrect it, so I’ve decided to make it a project page that will be relatively static but I’ll update as and when I get a shot I think is better than the existing ones. The page is located here and can be accessed via the Projects link in the main menu.

Long term followers know that I’m primarily a Street / Documentary photographer now. Due to my long term illness I can only manage short visits to the city centre so this style suits me the best. However the odd opportunity for a Fine art image will present itself. I’ll send a FREE, yes, FREE, from a Scotsman! image if you sign up to my website. Just click this link , sign up to receive updates to my Website and fill out the form telling me which image you would like. I’ll send you the full resolution JPEG to use as desktop wallpaper. So tell me what you think below, questions and feedback as always welcome.

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