New For 2019 (Not Resolutions)


New Year, New website, well different anyway. Over the festive season I took the chance to have a look through Lightroom and edit (pick my best work, not Photoshop it) my images for the last year. What I realised was that I had too many images in my portfolio. So I’ve removed the three Portfolio categories I had of Street/ People and Fine art and now have one Folio page. I’ve essentially amalgamated Street and Street portraits. The old Fine Art category will live on in a Wallpaper page. Basically any Landscape/ Building or Long Exposure images will go onto a download page where you can use them as Desktop wallpaper! I might start a page of studio portraits or a street portraits one but can’t decide on that one.


Project Wise I now have enough images for an Amsterdam Project to go along with my Aberdeen one. I’m still working on one for Glasgow, but it needs some more visits. I’m going to post some photography tips on the blogs, or more accurately tips that have helped me in the last few years. I’ll continue with the Journal entries of general images on a , monthly basis. I’m working on a colour best of 2018 (my choice, not IG) and will post it in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s to 2019, keep smiling, comments and questions as always welcome.

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