Photography Tips

I intend to continue my journal posts in 2019. I’d like to start a new series of photography tips and share some of the best advice I’ve been given, and picked up over the last few years. The first one sounds simple but is often harder to quantify and execute. Don’t photograph things, photograph the relationship between things, or their affect upon something. For instance, in the Winter there isn’t much daylight. If you’re lucky enough to get a sunny day then you can pretty much take shots for the whole day as the Sun is so low. If you take a picture of a car, then thats a fairly uninteresting shot, it shows that you’ve can take a properly exposured image of a car.

In the image below I’ve tried to convey the feeling of the cold bright morning with the low Sun showing the frost patterns in the window of the car. The light also describes the textures of the pavement and cobbles, and gives some nice shadow patterns with the trees. If I’d shown the whole car then if would have been distracting. By only showing a portion, the frosty windscreen is emphasised. Compositionally I’ve used a 50mm lens but a 35mm or 28mm would have been better.

In the next I’ve tried to convey the feeling of a wet (but mild) wintery night in the city. The Street is one well known to Aberdeen supporters, Merkland Road which leads to Pittodrie Stadium, Home of Aberdeen Football Club. The Floodlighting catches the drizzly rain in its beam. I’ve tried to add a bit of scale with the two silhouettes in the foreground. The rainfall is reflected in the road too, that’s something to watch for that you can use in a night time exposure.

Last image for now, this was taken in the late afternoon in Aberdeen city centre. I was aware of the lights being projected on the the wall, adjacent to a local bar, at certain times. On its own I didn’t think much of the composition, until some people started walking into the frame. This is a variant of the ‘fishing’ technique of street photography. I shot about 20 images until I got one with a person in the desired location and making eye contact.

What do you think, do the images covey the atmosphere/ weather at the time? As always comments and questions welcome.

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