BNW Versus Colour II

After the positive responses I received to my previous post on colour, here’s some more!First up some gear talk. I tend to use the Fujinon 35mm F2 for colour work, main reason is I prefer the way it renders colour. No specific scientific reasonI just prefer it to the 23mm F2. If I’m working in mono then the 23mm is a better focal length for street.

The first two images illustrate this. I shot them at the end of blue hour a week apart.The lens adds to the ‘feeling’ of the blue hour light in an urban environment. The red light reflected in the man’s face, and on the road are enhanced by the blue/grey cast in the first image. The green reflections in the second one similarly help with the mood.Incidentally I tend to use auto White Balance. But if shooting at Blue hour I’ll use K and set to my individual taste.

Next up is a portrait of Aberdonian musician Grundy channelling his inner Hendrix. This was taken on a cloudy day. I liked the colour of his hat against the grey granite and his coat. For me this shot just wouldn’t work in black and white. With the 35mm you are really starting to isolate the subject so need to concentrate on the framing and remove superfluous items from the image edge. Yes that is butter knife he uses for slide !!

The final image is one that I’d normally use a 23mm (35mm equiv.) But as I advocate only using one camera and lens I’m currently trying the Fujinon 35mm F2 after over two years with the Fujinon 27mm F2.8. This was one of those shots that you have 2 or 3 minutes to get. The sky was overcast when i first saw the potential. I just needed the Sun the appear between two buildings to give me the Shadow to light transitions that I envisaged. Luckily this occured as the man in the apron appeared. The red of the apron and the street art behind help pull this image together IMO. 

N.B. When taking the first two shots at no point was I in the road. Both were taken on the pavement. If you are photographing near traffic keep your wits about you and try not top get to enthralled in the moment !

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