Sleaford Mods Aberdeen Gig


Sleaford Mods Sleaford Mods,….Sleaford Sleaford Sleaford Mods, Live Tonight. I’ve listened to these lyrics many times but never thought I’d hear them live. Four years ago a mate of mine with a similar political outlook told me about the duo from Nottingham. I bought Chubbed up + (which is a good starting point if you want to give them a listen). Imagine a Hogarth painting described in every grotesque detail, then you’re getting close to a Sleaford Mods track. The Minimal tight driving rhythms of Andrew Fearn, with the urgent biting vocals of Jason Williamson. That’s the recipe, and it describes the chaos and uncertainty of living in the contemporary UK.


Gigs are a nightmare if you’re disabled or chronically ill, poor access, people crammed into tight spaces, constant pain. But it was worth it to see Sleaford Mods. I know it’s a cliché but music should be heard live, When Jason and Andrew came on to the stage there were some technical difficulties. No panic, Jason chatted with the crowd and you could feel the connection forming. As the gig progressed the crowd really got into it, singing along with the set and embracing the new tracks as well as old.


All shots taken with the Fujifilm X system, using Acros Film Sim. Comments and questions as always are welcome.


My copy of English Tapas, buy a Sleaford Mods album and you get a lyric sheet. No need to Google them!

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