Amsterdam by Bike

If you’ve ever been to the Netherlands then you’ll have seen the excellent public transport in action. Every time I return to Amsterdam it amazes me how many people use bicycles. The sheer volume of bikes parked in the city centre is a sight to behold. It’s quite difficult to photograph these in a new and original way so I tried some long exposures with a speedlight.  



Once you’ve spent some time in Amsterdam, you really start to see what is achievable when the car is not the main form of transport. The whole infrastructure is set up around the canal network so the narrow streets are perfect for bikes, scooter and pedestrians. The tram are ubiquitous and cheap so there really is no need for a car, It’s quite liberating. If you have limited mobility then the trams get you pretty much any where you need to be. you can also rent electric scooters and vehicles.


Over the last three years I’ve had a family holiday to Amsterdam with my wife and daughter for three days. The limited time has meant I’ve had to take a lot of shots to try and get five or six keepers. These images are part of a larger ongoing project about Amsterdam and it’s people which I hope to complete in two or three years.


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