No Social Media II



In the previous post I spoke about the reasons behind my break from social media. In this post I’ll discuss what the results were and my conclusions. After only a day or two I found things were a bit clearer in my head. I did find I was a bit lost/ bored when I had some free time. Which shows the effect of social media, it negates down time, time to think. If you are working on a creative project this time is a vital part of it. Not only for planning but to allow your brain time and space to formulate possible paths that the project and your ideas could take. There’s a lot of chance in street photography but the more prepared you are the more images you will see and make.  




Remember that a street photo project will take a long time, you will make thousands of images but only a few will stand out and speak to you. With this in mind inspiration is a vital part, but instead of aiming low and looking at everyday stuff. Look at the best, for inspiration buy some books by your favourite photographers and focus on those for inspiration. There are some fantastic images on Instagram but the problem is filtering out the rest. If you have monograph, then you can see the actual printed image. This is much better than a small Jpeg on your phone.  




Finally how often do you go out with your camera and shoot. David Hurn estimates he gets one gallery worthy image per 100 films, that’s 100 x 36 images! So think how many times you shoot each week. I aim for 1000 shots a month and if I get 6-10 great images a year I’m happy. So instead of 1 hour consuming images online get out and make some. Photography is like most creative activities the harder you work the luckier you’ll get.

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