Long Exposure Photography Tips III

This is the third and final post on Long Exposure Photography you can find the first two here and here. The V and A Museum Dundee opens soon so I decided to take a look at it along with the Dundee waterfront in general. If you haven’t visited Dundee for a few years then there have been big changes. The New museum is right next to the Discovery on the Waterfront. It is currently restricted access due to ongoing construction. I had visualised some compositions with a Wide angle lens but couldn’t get close enough. for Long exposures I tend to use my Fujinon 18-55m lens as I’m using a tripod and the weight doesn’t affect my fused joints. I’m not a big fan of zoom lenses but his one is a cut above the standard ‘kit’ zooms and is actually a bit better at 18mm than Fujifilms 18mm prime. Anyway I digress, the image below was shot at F8, 210 seconds at ISO200. It was late afternoon and the Sun was playing along the surfaces on the right of the image. The clouds were quite full and fluffy, I found them distracting from the geometric abstract forms, hence the length of the exposure. I wanted to get really close and show the whole building, but the temporary fencing prevented this.

V and A Dundee

The second image was taken in Aberdeen’s old city. St Machar’s Cathedral is an iconic building overlooking Seaton park and the River Don. For this image I wanted to get a bit more context with the graveyard in the foreground, and with the Cathedral itself in the background, rather than front and centre. This image was shot at shot at F11, for 210 seconds at ISO200. I really wanted the focus to be the grave stones in the foreground with the 19th century date. The permanence of this and the building itself contrasts with the rapid cloud movement

StMachar Rear

As the Summer draws to a close I’m looking forward to doing some more Street Work. This will be my last Long exposure post for a while as I tend to shoot more street/ Urban images in the Autumn. As always questions and comments welcome.

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