Spanish Sun

As it’s the 1st of August,I thought I’d start the month with an article. I was on a family holiday recently and as always had my camera and 40mm lens with me. we were in Southern Spain for two weeks and it was good opportunity to relax and reflect on my recent work. My main aim on holiday is like most people to spend time with my family and take some nice shots for the album. My daughter, being a teenager takes way more pictures on her phone than I do and we tend to work together to get some nice images. I try and switch of the ‘street’ part of my brain but inevitably I see compositions and fire off the odd few frames.

As you’d expect, the Andalucian Sun during the day is very strong. Unless you’re using ND filters, and small apertures the images will be overexposed. If you wait until the evening the light is excellent for some nice street shots. The usual rules apply, don’t over think it, just carry your camera around with you and make images. Try some different things and speak to people. The golden hour is much shorter in Southern Europe compared to Scotland so remember and check the rough times before you go. But most of all relax and enjoy it!

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