Tour Series Round 3: Aberdeen.



Enjoying the late Afternoon Sun


Pre-Race Entertainment

On a Sunny evening in May for a second year we hosted the Tour Series in the streets of Aberdeen. Not quite as balmy as last years hottest day but dry and Sunny which is all you can ask for in the North East of Scotland. The Tour Series is a circuit based cycle race set over ten stages around the cities and towns of the UK. Like all sports it’s better seen live, you can get within touching distance of the riders. You can see the finely tuned machines and appreciate the speed and skills of these athletes. If you’ve ever seen a stage of a Grand Tour it is a good day out but you only see the riders once. Circuit racing allows several passes of your chosen vantage point, and the tension builds as the race develops and the riders spread out from the intial bunch. 


The events last a whole day culminating in Womens and Mens races. Aberdeen has some excellent wide streets flanked by the silver Granite buildings. But also some tight cobbled ones for variety. The Start and Finish line is on the main Thoroughfare Union Street. The circuit goes around Union Terrace Gardens past St Marks church and Her Majestys Theatre. The bulk of the spectators were situated at or near the Start Line, but were spread out through the circuit.



Cornering Skills


The Womens race was won by Nikki Juniper of NJC Biemme Echelon and the Storey team. The Mens race by Olympian Ed Clancy for a Second time with the Canyon Eisberg Team taking it from Condor by a point. The full race results can be found here



Madison and Aston Martin team staff

Images taken with the Fujifilm XT1 and XT10, Lenses used 50mm F2 and 27mm F2.8. then processed with Lightroom using the Fujifilm Classic Chrome film Simulation.


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