Most people like to take photographs in nice weather. If you want to make more striking images, adverse weather gives you more opportunities. I like making pictures in the Autumn and Winter when the days are shorter, and the Sun is low. In Scotland the weather changes frequently, photography is all about chasing and learning to use light. Clouds, Rain, mist and fog alter and diffuse light. Giving an image something different from the norm. It’s easy to continually focus on light from the Sun, but don’t forget about artificial light. This can be from speedlights, cars or street lighting.


Aberdeen has an essentially Scandinavian Climate being situated on the North Sea Coast in Scotland. On a recent evening we had good weather during the day. As day turned to evening, and the temperature cooled, Fog started to roll in from the Sea. I like the liquid quality that fog gives to Street lighting and the soft diffused textures that you get. I added some on camera flash to a couple of exposures, but you need to be careful in thick fog as it can reflect back and over expose the image. Remember to use a higher ISO if shooting at night, and take care where you focus, if this is linked to your meter. You might want to use a tripod, but I managed to shoot hand held and kept an eye on my Shutter Speed.



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