Capturing Unlikely Images.

Capturing street or candid photography requires patience and a lot of practice. To improve your chances always carrying your camera helps. This would be the primary category of Street images that I make. I’d taken a number of photos of people vaping and wanted to capture one that was a bit different. If I’m not carrying my camera bag I usually have my XT1 and 27mm F2.8 lens (fits in a coat pocket). I was in a city centre street in Aberdeen with the wind behind me. I had the camera on and ready to go, the man in the image below was walking towards me. I was aware that he was vaping so I slowed down, and the next time he exhaled I fired the shutter a couple of times and caught this image which is just a bit different than the usual large cloud of smoke round the head of a smoker/vaper. This shot was unlikely as the majority of times it wouldn’t come off. But if you are ready sometimes it will work.


The second category of image is captured by ‘fishing’. This means setting up and waiting somewhere that you think an image could develop. The image below was made with my background all set up. I then waited until someone walked into the frame to get the shot I wanted. I took several attempts to get this final image. The man shading his eyes was an unexpected bonus. Before he walked into the frame I made sure I moved my focus point to exactly where I wanted him to be and sorted out the exposure. Removing these variables means that you can concentrate on the composition.


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