Eye Contact in Street Photography

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What is Street Photography, the generally accepted definition is candid, close up and personal images of people interacting, using a widish lens (28mm or 35mm). However interaction between the photographer and subject is discouraged. Street Portraits, where you ask permission to make an image of a person is seen as a separate genre. In between falls a grey area for me, street candid shots where eye contact is made.


I don’t limit myself to one type or style of shooting the bulk of my images would probably fall under the broad spectrum of street photography. Most are taken in the city centre near my home, most include people, most are candid. I do occasionally shoot street portraits, but I prefer to let a scene develop and capture an image when the time feels right. Regarding eye contact I think is tells more of a Story and give the viewer a connection and link into the scene. I don’t want to get hung up on definition. If the image feels right take the shot, in fact take a few the more you take the better you get at seeing image in the future. But try and make eye contact with your subject and see how the scene changes.




7 Replies to “Eye Contact in Street Photography”

    1. Not very often, because I use a wide lens I’m very close, and I have my camera round my neck so People can see what I’m doing. You get a feel for body language if someone doesn’t want to be photographed.


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