The Time Machine in Your Hand


What’s the difference between a camera and the human eye (no it’s not a joke). The Aperture and pupil are roughly equivalent as is the Retina and sensor. The crucial difference is that the eye constantly adjusts the pupil to allow different levels of light in. When you choose an aperture on your camera it is fixed. I’m not going into the whole ‘a camera should be used to represent reality’ debate, the point I’m making is that the eye and camera see things differently. When you look at something it is seen in Real time, whereas a camera has a Shutter speed dial. So you effectively have a time machine in your hand (think about it). You can use your imagination to visualise an image and create something that the human eye cannot see.


You can use your meter to capture the image as close as possible as the eye can see. Depending on your camera there are algorithms and software used to render and image from the sensor to something you’d recognise. If you shoot RAW then you bypass this and do it yourself. You can use a very fast shutter speed or a speedlight to freeze motion. This is something I often do (remember and keep the ISO up). Most creative photography tends to incorporate Slower Shutter speeds. What does that mean. Well Check the metered Shutter speed and choose one that is slower. This can be fractions of a second, seconds , minutes depending on the effect you want. So the main thing is to try different settings to see the effects they give you, then visualize and image or idea. You can get some Out of this World effects.






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  4. Maggie says:

    Love the motion… Each photo has the feeling of action, something happening.. well done.


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