Aberdeen: The Granite City


There are many Aberdeens around the world but there is only one Granite City. This tough rock was formed by the cooling of Magma 400 million years ago. There are number of monuments and stone circles in Aberdeenshire dating from prehistory. But it was in the 18th Century that this natural resource established Aberdeen as the centre of the granite industry.


I was born in Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland and have lived here most of my life. The main street in the city centre is called Union Street, also known as the Granite mile. The majority of the city’s buildings were built from the granite quarries in the North East in the 19th Century. The main one is Rubislaw in the West End of the city, once the largest man made hole in Europe. The properties of this igneous rock mean that very little weathering has occured and the recently cleaned buildings are like new.


What I love about these architectural gems is the way that light reflects on a sunny day turning a dull grey to a glorious silver. Another of the City’s monickers is the Silver City by the Golden sands Aberdeen Beach . During the Winter the low Sun casts long shadows and gives great opportunities for high contrast monochrome photography. The Sunlight hitting the granite at an angle picks out the texture and chisel marks made by the masons. In older parts of the city there are still some cobble stones adding another texture to the mix. If you ever visit Aberdeen  and are lucky enough to have a Sunny day, look around and enjoy the work of the 19th Century Architects and the local Stone. Inspired by Tour Guide






  1. themofman says:

    Great photo essay of your town, and you shoot when I prefer to shoot to get those deep, inky high contrast blacks.

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  2. Your use of hard shadows further elevates already powerful compositions!

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  5. sgeoil says:

    The place of my birth, although I did not grow up there. I am always disappointed when people tell me they visited Scotland, but never went to Aberdeen. It is a beautiful city. I love how you captured the texture of the granite!

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