Aberdeen Beach


I have lived in Aberdeen for most of my life, and currently live in the City Centre. Less than one mile from the main thoroughfare is the Harbour and Beach. Some of my happiest memories are from the Beach. Time spent with my Grandparents, Parents and now my wife and Daughter. The climate in the North East of Scotland is Distinctly Scandinavian but this doesn’t deter the locals form frequenting the beach daily. The local cafes are always busy and the Promenade is full of dog walkers, Joggers and families out for a stroll. If you look closely at the water inside the main Pier you can often see the hardy local surfers catching some waves.


It’s not only in Summer that opportunities exist to make photos, in fact the best ones can be made in the less clement months. The rapidly changing coastal light and cloud can give fleeting opportunities for a photographer. But ultimately the wind in your face, the sounds and smells of the seaside are the reason I continue to go there at least once a week. That, and the memories. Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge Beloved




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