Pick of the Year

How many times a week do you go out with your camera? How many times is that a year? For the purposes of this blog I’ll talk film, though I shoot digital. When you start to research the great photographers you start to realise just how many films they shot each week. A lot of them were shooting daily. I transitioned form shooting once or twice a week to always carrying my camera with me. In my case It’s even more important as I only leave the house for a couple of hours three maybe four times a week.

Ansel Adams said that one good image a month was an excellent return. If you shoot one roll of film a day every day, that’s over thirteen thousand shots per annum. So you’re looking at a hit rate of around 0.01 percent. For Magnum photographer David Hurn it was one exhibition quality image every 100 films, take a moment to think about that.

The reason I’m emphasising these figures is with social media it’s tempting to post every day. I’m personally guilty of over posting on Instagram, but on my Website I try to keep it more focussed. Per annum I will shoot over ten thousand shots but for my site if I get twelve shots for the portfolio then that’s a good return. I will put the twelve images I think are my best work for the year in the next post.


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