Why You should Work on Projects

You need focus in your photographic work, sorry pun intended. It’s incredibly easy to get sucked into a continual cycle of researching and buying cameras and lenses. Sorry but this doesn’t make you a photographer. We’re all guilty of it at some time or another but the point of photography is to make images and lots of them.


Social media and the internet make this even harder to achieve as you can tend to focus on taking single images and get addicted to posting online. If this sounds like you, stop, and take a step back. The key to moving forward is to have long term goals and projects in mind. The timeframe for this is years not weeks. If you can have two or three projects on the go them you can research them and sketch up some ideas in your down time. You can also look for inspiration them from other photographers using books and websites.


I have two main projects on my website People and Silhouettes. This reflects my interest in people and the city where I live. It is also manageable as I have mobility issues and spend most of my time near the city centre where I live. That may sound like a trivial point but your projects need to be achievable otherwise you’ll never manage and become demotivated. I always carry my camera, and because I have these projects in mind I tend to see more opportunities to make images than previously. 

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