Why you should Print and Frame your Photos

In a previous post I spoke about printing your work. There are several benefits to this, you get a sense of achievement when you see a properly printed, mounted and framed art work on the wall. It lets you see your images on paper rather than on a screen. This sounds like a minor point but you’d be surprised how much better a glossy 10” x 8” print looks compared to a jpeg on a screen. If you are editing your portfolio or working towards a book then having a set of 6” x 4” prints makes the process so much easier. Lightroom is a great piece of organisational software, but editing with physical prints is much easier in my opinion.

Due to arthritis I can’t make my own frames, there are plenty of options online and locally. You can get standard sizes from a DIY shop, but speaking to a framer and comparing different options tends to result in a better finish I find. I do always make a point of using a nice mount. The mount adds a the finishing touch and gives an artwork room to ‘breathe’. Experiment with mount size and see which works for the particular image you are framing. Double mounts can occasionally add to the image. But in my experience a good sized single mount is more effective.

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