How to Improve Your Street Photography

Do you always carry your camera with you, if you don’t then you will almost certainly have a phone with you. How often have you been driving or walking around and noticed a conjunction of light and subject that would make a great picture.


In answer to the above questions you should always have your camera with you, if it’s too bulky or heavy I’d sell it and get a smaller one you can carry. Alternatively try using your phone camera for a month. I’ve stated before but I think it’s worth reinforcing, you are what you do. Do you go out with a camera and work at making images or do you look at lenses and other camera paraphenalia on eBay? Which one do you think makes you a photographer? In the image above I tried some settings to get the image I visualised in my head. It didn’t quite work out how I wanted. A couple of days later I saw a similar opportunity and took the shot. This time it worked for me. If I hadn’t worked at the shot a few times I don’t think I would have been ready for it when it did come together.

So practice, practice and practice some more, like most artistic endeavor photography is down to hard work not divine inspiration.

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