How to Visualise an Image

If you look at my portfolio the images fall into two general categories, the subject fills the frame or is more isolated with some “breathing space” around it. Obviously these aren’t the only two options for composing an image but in general it’s how I see things.


The image above shows some people interacting on a bench in George Square Glasgow. They were feeding the pigeons and enjoying the weather on a July day. When I saw the image I took a couple of frames trying to get as much of the subject in the frame. I wanted some motion blur with the birds in the foreground but that’s for another post. It was late morning and not particularly Sunny so I wasn’t looking for any major contrasts and wanted a good depth of field.


Alternatively the next image shows a completely different composition style. It’s much less obvious what is happening in the frame. The subject is placed to the far left and partially obscured, because of the lens the perspective is exaggerated. There is lot of deep black and contrast due to the exposure, this negative space leads your eye around the frame, and also makes you think about the image. In general I don’t go out with either style in mind, I keep my options open and shoot the conditions as I see them. Always carry your camera and keep your options open.

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