1s and 0s

Why do you take photographs, do you always carry your camera with you or do you go out to specifically take pictures of certain things? If you use a digital camera every time you press the shutter release then a series of 1s and 0s are transferred to the SD card in your camera. If you follow a standard workflow at some point you will download that digital information to a computer. Where does that information go from there?


Go into any town or city now and the majority of people will have a camera in their pockets. People talk about their mobile phones but in reality they have a personal computer with a camera and phone attached to it in their pockets. The connectivity via Wi-Fi or 4G will affect how any images taken are subsequently processed. If you use a dedicated camera with memory cards of then you’re probably going to transfer the images you take to a computer and HDD. Personally I then print out the best images in various sizes some to be archived and others to be wall mounted. When I am using a camera I always think about the end product and focus (sorry) on the final image.

If you use your phone camera then will the image ever see photographic paper? Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti phone cameras, I treat them as any other camera. But the majority of people get into the habit of constantly clicking, and living their lives through a lens at one step divorced from reality. From there the image is uploaded to a social media site never to exist in any other format than 1s and 0s. It’s primary purpose is to project an artificial representation of reality and gain followers.


I do use social media, and I take a lot of pictures. But I only pick the best ones and primarily print them. From there they will go into my website, I will then post some on social media but mainly as a means of interacting with other photographers and as an archive. So print your images, make art to give focus to your work and break the cycle of constant clicking.

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