Plants and Flowers

What do plants and street photography have in common? On the face of it not a lot, but both depend on light, one paints with light, the other need its to grow. In the evening, when the light is golden, plants like most things take on a different hue.


Street photography is all about capturing ephemeral moments. In some ways it sums up the beauty and fragility of life. Flowers and plants similarly, have a transient nature and their beauty only lasts temporarily. Rather than recording a realistic representation of a flower, I try to add some context and give a feeling of the fragility and fleeting brilliance they engender.

With plants it’s tempting to concentrate on a single plant. I prefer to fill the frame and create a composition. Try shooting into the light, use a macro lens. I like using a macro lens to create out of focus elements, and add to the composition rather than exploit its sharpness. Flowers and plants are not something I would normally create an image of, but ultimately it’s all about experimenting and having fun.

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