Fujifilm Lens Hoods and Alternatives.

Fashion accessory, front element protector or flare preventer, lens hoods usually come packaged with a new lens but can often be an afterthought. There are several third party choices that can fulfil all of these purposes. When Fujifilm released the X-Pro 1, initially three lenses were released at the same time. The 18mm F2, 35mm F1.4 and 60mm F2.4. All of these came with a metal lens hood which was high quality, functional and also aesthetically pleasing. The 18 and 35 in particular had a square ended lens hood that looks pretty cool IMO. Fast forward five years and several different designs have been packaged with their lenses. All perfectly functional but unfortunately now made of plastic. Fujifilm do offer a metal equivalent but at a premium price.

The lenses I use in general require no upgrade as part of my prime trio is the 18mm and 60mm. These use the high quality metal hoods and in the case of the 18mm I really like the square design. The hood for the 60mm is quite large but I tend to just use this in the studio. The lens has a Macro capability, and as a result, the front element is quite well recessed. I often use the 27mm F2.8 pancake lens without a hood to keep the set up pocketable. I have tried a small hood on the lens but didn’t gain any significant benefit from it. I used to own the Voigtlander 40mm F2 lens, which had a small circular design hood that I think would work really well on the 27mm. I’ve tried to find one online, but as yet haven’t been able to locate one.

I also own and occasionally use the 35mm F2 which comes with a small plastic hood that isn’t the greatest quality but Size wise I like it. You can purchase a vented design from Fuji but this will increase the size. I can’t help thinking that the vented design is more about aesthetics than functionality when used with an EVF. I found an identical metal upgrade to the bundled plastic one for £8.99. I do use a vented hood on the 18-55m zoom that I keep as a back up. This is purely a size issue as the bundled one is a larger petal design.

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