60mm F2.4

Fujifilm Prime Lens Trio

I’ve seen a few posts recently regarding Fujifilm lens trinities. The new 50mm F2 Weather Resist (WR) has completed the small WR trio. Fujifilm also make the “fast” Trinity of F1.4 or faster, this sacrifices WR and you gain size and weight.

The table shows these lens sets, with the one I use adjacent. I use the XT-1 and X-T10 camera bodies purely for size I want the smallest camera possible, with direct  Aperture and Shutter speed control. Starting in the middle the 27mm F2.8 pancake lens is small and fast enough for my needs. It has no aperture ring but is ridiculously small, almost body cap size. I find it to be a decent optic performer and the size allows me to keep the camera under a jacket if required. When shooting in daylight F2.8 isn’t required and I’ve found it to be to be fast enough if I’m using ISO 3200 and above at night.



My Trio

23mm F2 WR (35mm)

23mm F1.4 (35mm)

18mm F2 (28mm)

35mm F2 WR (50mm)

35mm F1.4 (50mm)

27mm F2.8 (40mm)

50mm F2 WR (75mm)

56mm F1.2 (85mm)

60mm F2.4 (90mm)

Going wide, I personally find 23mm not wide enough, but understand why others like to use it. Fuji make the 14mm and 16mm optics in this range but for me they are too large and more suited to landscape applications. When using the 14mm or 16mm in an urban environment you introduce too much distortion and foreground emphasis. The 18mm (28mm Full Frame equivalent) is a better fit for me. The lens is widely criticized, but It’s small, gives me an extra stop over the 18-55mm zoom (F2.8 @ 18mm) and can be picked up used for much less than it’s rivals.

At the tele end 50mm is too short for portrait I feel, The 56mm is the closest to the traditional portrait focal of 85mm. It’s also the fastest, largest and most expensive. I picked up a 60mm F2.4 to use as a travel short tele along with the 27mm pancake lens. This lens is seriously underrated in my opinion, it is a great portrait optic, good for short tele work, small (without the lens hood) and you get close focus as a bonus. In my Nikon days I used a 100mm F2.8 lens for portrait work, the 90mm equivalent length of this lens works better for me than a 50mm (75mm equivalent) for this purpose. I generally use it in the studio so fast aperture isn’t an issue and there’s no need for lightning fast autofocus.

All the lenses mentioned here are great choices, the three I use are the best option for me. Look at your needs and work back from that. I have a small, fast enough prime set, at focal lengths I like. The other two options have their benefits depending on your needs.

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