Always Carry A Camera.

When I first moved from painting to photography I tried shooting urban Landscapes and Architecture, exploring abstract possibilities. I planned photographic journeys in advance using weather and photography apps. Living in the North East of Scotland this would mean one or two windows of opportunity a week lasting an hour to an hour and a half. At the time I used a small Nikon DSLR, this post isn’t about which camera to buy, or what lens I used to capture a certain image. Most people now have a camera on their phones so can use this to learns the basics of composition and try different styles and Genres of photography. The reason I mention that I had a DSLR, is to illustrate the point about always carrying a camera. If you have a large camera with even larger heavy lenses then the number of times you take it with you, or use it will diminish. For this reason I also bought a Point and Shoot (P&S)  camera (a Canon S100). I used these two cameras for around 18 months, and started to notice that the more spontaneous compositions were taken with the P&S. I attributed this to having it with me all the time, it only having one lens, and a willingness to try different things.

P&S camera sales are falling rapidly and the phone camera is the new king at entry level. Personally I still prefer to have a decent size sensor in my camera as I often shoot in low light. I currently use a Fuji APS-C camera and have 27mm pancake lens for use in the city. It’s not as small as a phone, but it goes in a coat pocket. All cameras are a compromise between Size, Cost and Features. This one works for me, but there are numerous options out there. If you buy used then you can try a few until you decide on one. But the camera doesn’t take the image, you do, so concentrate on framing and not the gear. I mainly take shots in and around the city. But I shoot more often and feel I have developed more by trying different things. These images were shot on the fly as I drove round the city, I’ve taken the RAW conversions straight from Light Room and used Nik Silver Efex plug in for the black and white conversion. So always carry a camera, you never know what you’ll see.


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  2. […] No I haven’t sold the 27mm pancake lens it’s on my back up X-T10 body. It’s almost like a body cap and gives a small pocketable set up. Oh and yes the 35mm has snuck in there, It’s smaller than the 23mm F2 and has the benefits stated above, they can also share the nifty new lens hood that comes with the 23mm. It’s a nice loose portrait lens and fits in your pocket. (Remember and always carry your camera, […]


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