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February in Aberdeen, cold and wet with short days and not much light. Most people hate this time of year, but for a photographer it can be excellent. In 2014 the first Spectra Festival of Light took place. At the time I tended to photograph Landscapes and architectural abstracts, but as a city centre resident I went along to see what it was all about. Fortunately on the night I went it was a least dry but very cold. A much neglected feature of the city centre is the old Triple Kirks spire. This Hanseatic style construction harks back to the merchant past of the city. It had been transformed into a projector screen with a rocket launch taking place, audio effects enhanced the visual experience. Other famous landmarks had various visual effects projected onto their facades.

The following year the Festival was extended, then in 2016 it was situated in the much talked about Union Terrace gardens (UTG) and spread across the city to include St Nicholas Kirk graveyard and Marishal college. In 2017 they kept the format from the previous year with large queues on the Sunday evening. A mixture of Art, cinema, music and performance I attended on two nights and found the displays in the old Graveyard particularly atmospheric. UTG was probably the best attended and had a good selection for all ages. If you are near Aberdeen next February it’s well worth a visit. Click on the images above to see more.

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