Urban Abstraction & Concrete.


While studying art history I developed an interest in Abstraction and early twentieth century modernism. I specifically studied Constructivism and Dada and the impacts that these movements had on the rest of the century. For about four years now I’ve focused on the potential for abstract images in the urban environment and the relationship between Brutalism and Abstraction. I developed an interest in Photography about 5 years ago and realised I could portray the intersections and juxtapositions of modern architecture with a camera. I found black and white to be the best medium for this, and the use of Wide and Telephoto lenses to exaggerate and compress perspective added to the possibilities. In the last few years there have been a number of modern buildings constructed using glass and steel in Aberdeen. These all provide excellent opportunities for images. I still prefer the shuttered concrete on the 60s and 70s, these can have the rectilinear forms of glass and steel, but the plasticity of the material allows more expression and individualism. Click on the images above to see more.

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